Other Services

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We provide support for all structural engineering needs from domestic assessments to major construction project. Further services are listed below, but if you have any queries, or are unsure about the type of service your project needs, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Further Services

Below Ground
Drainage Design

We design domestic and industrial drainage infrastructure, covering foul water and surface water both for new and existing sites. We ensure systems are sustainable and in compliance with all relevant guidance and Building Regulations approval and offer you a step by step guide to understanding the process.

Hard Landscaping and External Works

We make sure externally designed spaces meet all regulation requirements,. We understand the importance of an efficient ground level solution that provides efficient cut and fill considerations and take care of site grading and drainage impacts, making the necessary earthwork and watershed calculations. We offer sustainable design solutions whatever the size of the project.

Flood Risk Assessments

With an increase in extreme weather events and associated legislation to counter this being introduced, Flood Risk Assessments are becoming ever more important.

Whether for feasibility studies, development approvals or peace of mind, we specialise in detailed analysis of all impact factors using site-specific calculations, make recommendations for flood mitigation.

Highways Works

We undertake work in all areas of transport and infrastructure engineering, working with developers and local authorities on projects from the planning of new highway schemes. We undertake work Section 278 works as part of new or alterations to existing developments, to remedial structural interventions and local road, bridge and crossing assessments.

Highways Retaining Wall - Approval In Principle

Any works with the potential to affect highways require specialist structural assessment and approval, including bridges, tunnels, culverts, temporary and reinforced earth structures. This applies to retaining walls over a metre next to a road or pathway. We can assist in gaining an Approval in Principle, the first submission step in securing permission.


If you have a project you would like to discuss, please get in touch by phone or email, or fill in our online contact form.