Steelwork Connection Design

We provide safe, efficient and reliable connection designs for steel structures. From beam-to-column and moment-resisting connections to bespoke complex configurations, we ensure both structural integrity and seamless integration. We are committed to the highest industry standards, and bring both deep experience and the latest software capabilities to deliver high-quality, innovative connection designs to your project.

Our Services


Pinned beam to beam and beam-to-column joints with bracing deliver economical and environmentally friendly structures.

Less material and standardised components make simple connection design the most common steel frame solution. Its potential for disassembly and reuse mean it’s the greenest too.

Although simple in name, applying the right joint design and fabrication approach to maximise advantages for individual projects can be less straightforward. We can guide you to the best design solution.


Moment connections resist rotational force and reduce the need for structural bracing.

Moment transfer from beam to column is essential for continuous frame single storey and multi-story structures producing cleaner aesthetic lines are required or where the provision of bracing needs to be avoided

We advise and design across all moment connection techniques to find the right solution for your project.


Need a complex structural solution? We design connections that step outside of the standard code blueprints.

As software modelling becomes more sophisticated, bespoke connection designs that were once a cutting-edge niche are now opening up creative design possibilities for both private and commercial applications.

We work with you and your architect to shape your vision, ensure structural integrity, and help you move from idea to reality.


If you have a project you would like to discuss, please get in touch by phone or email, or fill in our online contact form.