Are you concerned about cracks, deterioration or movement in your property? Are you trying to buy or sell a property that has reported cracking or movement as part of a home buyers survey? We are fully qualified Chartered Structural Engineers who provide friendly, expert advice, comprehensive inspection services, and piece of mind. We undertake assessments of properties of any age or size. Our reports are free of unnecessary jargon, easy to read and will help you navigate all relevant property regulations and requirements.

Our Services

Defects report following Home Buyers Survey

A problematic Home Buyer Survey doesn’t have to mean the end of the road for your purchase.

If your survey flags up potential structural problems with a property, we can assess the problem, identify causes and offer a guide to repair solutions.

Our site assessment is carried out by a fully qualified Chartered Structural Engineer and our Defects Report is written in clear, plain English, so you can understand exactly what the issue is.

Cracking, and Subsidence Reports and Remedial solutions

Don’t live with anxiety about cracks or subsidence in your property.

We can diagnose the causes of cracking problems and subsidence and our report will let you know the best course of action if remedial work is necessary.

Our inspections include an external wall survey, basic ground survey, vegetation and tree root investigation, subsidence survey and, where appropriate, geotechnical surveying.

Assessment of structures undertaken without Building Regulations Approval

Building works that don’t have Building Regulations Approval should always be inspected by a qualified Structural Engineer.

First and foremost it’s important to ensure they are safe and don’t pose a danger to people using or occupying them. It also enables insurers and mortgage lenders to be satisfied that a property is fit to be insured, bought or sold.

Our assessments provide a recognised path to successful Approval and offer advice for next steps if structural integrity has been compromised.

Reports on corroding steel and concrete structures

We are specialists at assessing any damage to the concrete and steel structures and can help you identify the best route for repairs and remedial work if they are required.

Our report will give you everything you need to understand any problems that your property is presenting or hiding, and the routes you can take to make it good and maintain it.


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